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About Us

The Children's Center Preschool in east Dallas

The Children’s Center was established in 1952.  The mission and vision then was to create a happy and loving environment for young children where they could experience the world and be motivated by the joy of learning.  Today our mission and vision remain the same.

We focus on the individual child, always mindful that each child is unique; that they are human beings with feelings; that they are new to the world and have much to explore and experience; and that each child has unique needs.  Recognizing that each child is full of worth, dignity and creative power offers us a challenge to provide a program for the release of the unique talents of each child.


To reach our goals, we remain mindful of the “whole child”, being sure that our goals are within the reach of children at each age.  Our approach to educating young children through play-based learning engages children in exploration and curiosity and meets each child where they are at the moment, with highly individualized learning in addition to planning to the developmental age of the group.


By teaching with the “whole child” in mind, we balance planned activities and engagement that develop each child's emotional, physical, social, creative, and intellectual growth.

Our Mission, Our Vision

Our Mission

"To nurture the growth of each child, through intentional play-based learning, 

within a loving school community"



Our Vision

"To inspire children to be excited life-long learners and confident,  compassionate participants in their community.”

Christy Evans, 2015-2021

"The Children’s Center will always hold a special place in our heart. Thanks to the teachers, staff and TCC families all 3 of my kids got a great foundation for learning, gained lifelong friends, and left confident for their next school adventures. We’d all rewind time and go back in a heartbeat.."

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